Office Staff

DaVinnci Dental has one of the kindest professional teams in the dental industry! We are very particular when hiring a new team member for our office. Not only do we pay close attention to the level of education within their field and their work experience... we also look for individuals who are able to make the people around them feel welcome and comfortable. The doctors believe they have found that team!

At DaVinnci Dental, we want our patients to feel like a part of our family as soon as they walk through our door. So we have a front desk team that is welcoming, friendly, and greets each patient with a smile. They always make themselves available to assist our patients with their insurance and find the ideal financial solution to suit their unique situation.

Team Hygienists

Our team of professional Hygienists are all knowledgeable and talented at ensuring our patients achieve the best oral hygiene! Each of our patients is unique and has different needs, and our hygienists are more than capable of caring for their needs, from a routine cleaning to curing gum disease.

Team Dental Assistants

Our team of Dental Assistants are caring and compassionate when providing technical assistance to the doctor during our patients’ procedures. Not only do they assist the dentist, they are also helping the patient, helping them feel at ease and supported as well.

Administration Team

The DaVinnci Dental Administration Team is the best in the area! They are always busy managing all of our patients’ billing, insurance and financial needs. You may not see them, but they are never far away. Our patients can feel confident that their best interest is being cared for by this amazing group of professionals.