Teeth Whitening in Clawson, MI

Whiter and brighter teeth are the key to giving your smile a new look!

Professional Teeth Whitening - DaVinnci Dental Clawson MI - zoom_whiteningThere are many different ways that your lifestyle might be staining and coloring your teeth: age, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, and other dark colored beverages. While this might be a damper on your confidence, we have good news! DaVinnci Dental has several options to help restore your beautiful smile, and more importantly help restore your confidence.

At DaVinnci Dental we have 3 teeth whitening options:

Home Bleach Trays

In order to whiten your teeth at home, we’ll first need to take dental impressions in our office. Within a few days of that, you’ll be able to pick up your whitening gel and trays. At home, the gel and trays can be applied to your teeth for approximately 30-45 minutes each days for 5 days. You’ll be able to experience up to 6 different shades of whitening with our bleach trays!

Zoom! In-Office Whitening

When you come into our office for whitening, we’ll apply whitening gel professionally to your teeth and activate it with a light source for three 20-minute applications. Our Zoom! you’ll be able to experience up to 8 different shades of whitening! In addition to that, you’ll be given a few at-home bleach trays so that you’ll be able to touch-up your teeth on your own, whenever you start to notice discoloration.

KöR Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening - DaVinnci Dental Clawson MI - kor_whiteningThis process is slightly different than our others, as it takes about 2 weeks to complete. It’s a combination of in-office and at home treatments - whitening your teeth at home while you sleep and a final visit to our branch. KöR whitening solutions are able to help you remove even the most difficult of stains - such as dark tetracycline. With this treatment, you’ll be able to experience up to 16 different shades of whitening without sensitivity. KöR whitening is so safe that it has been approved for ages 14-90.

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