Oral Cancer Screenings Clawson, MI

An essential part of any dental exam is an oral cancer screening. Every regular checkup involves a detailed inspection of the inside of your mouth and tongue.

Why is oral cancer screening important?

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  • Close to 37,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer each year.
  • If detected early, there is an 80-90% survival rate.
  • Statistically, it kills 1 person every hour, 24 hours a day.
  • The survival rate for oral cancer is lower than that of cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s, lymphoma, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the testes and endocrine system cancers such as thyroid or skin cancer (malignant melanoma).
  • Historically, the survival rate associated with oral cancer is low due to the cancer being discovered late in its development. Early detection is key!
  • 90% of patients with oral cancers use tobacco. The risk of developing these cancers increases with the amount smoked or chewed and the duration of the habit. Smokers are 6 times more likely than non-smokers to develop these cancers.
  • 75% to 80% of all patients with oral cancer drink alcohol frequently. Oral cancers are more than 6 times more common in alcohol drinkers than in non-drinkers.
  • More than 30% of patients with cancers of the lip have outdoor jobs associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • A diet that lacks in fruits and vegetables is often associated with a higher potential risk of being diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity.

It's Simple, Quick, and Painless. 

DaVinnvi Dental is proud to offer VELscope oral cancer screenings. This quick and easy procedure utilizes natural tissue fluorescence to locate abnormalities in the oral mucosa. Put simply, this high-tech instrument allows us to project a light into your mouth to detect whether or not you have oral cancer. It's a fast, pain-free and low cost way to ensure your good health! Remember, early detection is CRITICAL!

You can reduce the risks of oral cancer by:

  • Not smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Eating a healthy "low meat, low fat" diet, containing adequate vegetables and fruit

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