Root Canal Surgery in Clawson, MI

Warning signs that may indicate the need for a root canal:

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  • Recurring issues with a tooth
  • Severe pain when you bite down or apply pressure to it
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and/or cold
  • Swelling, soreness’ or a bump on the gums near that tooth

If you experience any of these symptoms, call DaVinnci Dental. You may be in need of a root canal.


Root canals have a reputation for being a painful experience.

Many people who have to get a root canal will tell you that it’s no more comfortable than getting a cavity filled. The “root canal” procedure involves first removing the nerve (which might be dead if it’s infected for too long) and also the pulp of the tooth. This “root canal” is a common reference to the hollow space that’s within the root of the teeth. Once the root area is completely cleaned and prepared, your tooth will be covered with a crown that will protect your tooth and save you from having to remove your tooth completely. Here at DaVinnci Dental, we promise to make your root canal procedure as pain-free as possible.

Root canals can be somewhat expensive.

Our team never wants you to risk your oral health over high costs of procedures, which is why we offer in-house financing and accept the majority of most credit cards. We here at DiVinnci Dental utilize that absolute best equipment and technology to help not only keep the root canal (and other) procedures affordable, but to ensure that you have the best dental health available.

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