Dental Implants in Clawson, MI

*$399 DENTAL IMPLANTS (surgical placement)

Starting at $399, dental implants are more affordable than you think.  $399 covers the surgical placement of our dental implants for an average savings of $1,735!

* All parts are FDA approved.

Average SE Michigan Prices  
Implants $ 1750.00
Post (abutment) $ 550.00
Crown $ 1330.00


* All parts are FDA approved.

SDFC Special Pricing  
Implants $ 399.00
Post (abutment) $ 396.00
Crown  $ 1,100.00


DaVinnci Dental saves you time and protects your wallet. 

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Embarrassed by your smile?

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DaVinnci Dental doesn't want cost to interfere with having a great smile. We offer the same FDA approved implants at the area’s best prices. Most Southeast Michigan dental offices charge $1,750 for the surgical placement of dental implants. We only charge $399!

Finally! A lifelong solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants last a lifetime and have the same look and feel of natural teeth. Only you and your dentist will know your implant is not a real tooth. Look better, increase your comfort, and get back the confidence you deserve.

There is no reason to put it off! Missing teeth can cause your jaw to shrink and your other teeth to move out of place. A shrinking jaw not only gives the appearance of premature aging, it can also cause general pain and discomfort especially when eating, drinking, and talking. Dental implants can slow down and even reverse the shrinking process.

At DaVinnci Dental, we make beautiful smiles affordable. Now is the best time to replace missing teeth and get your confidence back!