Multiple Dental Implants Clawson, MI

Multiple Dental Implants - Bridge & Surgery - DaVinnci Dental Clawson MI - Implant_Supported_Bridge

Dental implants can be utilized to help you replace multiple teeth by a process of placing a custom fixed bridge in the bone - right below the gum line.

Unlike the majority of partial and bridge therapies, our process won’t grind down your healthy teeth to serve as a post. During the initial process (very similar to single tooth replacement) there will be temporary abutments that might be placed for the dental implants to heal properly.

After the healing is complete, the temporary abutments are replaced with permanent ones and affixed to the dental implants. They are designed to hold a custom-made bridge that is created in a laboratory to look just like your existing teeth.

The last step of your implant procedure is cementing onto the permanent abutments. The goal is to have replaced your teeth without any negative effects on the adjacent teeth, and to have stopped the bone loss before it causes any more harm.

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